Fresh clashes erupt between Haftar, GNA forces threatening frail ceasefire

Armed clashes erupted between forces of UN-backed Government of National and those of rebel Gen. Khalifa Haftar Sunday in south Libya putting at stake a frail ceasefire, Libya Observer reports.

Sources told the media the clashes occurred when Sabha military zone officers of the GNA gathered to read out a congratulatory statement on Libya’s Independence Day and the GNA-commanded Libyan Army parade that was held in Tripoli on December 24.

GNA forces at Sabha military zone opened fire after Haftar forces closed a nearby road. Haftar forces responded causing road congestion, with no injuries nor deaths.

The incident is a blow to the ongoing ceasefire between the two sides after over one year of the military conflict that erupted in April 2019 after Haftar launched his campaign to ouster the GNA from Tripoli.

The rebel General recently called for the resumption of fighting but his call failed to win the support of his backers. France, Egypt and Russia widely known as his backers has slammed the call and vowed to back UN efforts to help hold elections in December this year.



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