Morocco establishes diplomatic relations with Israel, reaffirms unwavering support to Palestinian rights

Morocco establishes diplomatic relations with Israel, reaffirms unwavering support to Palestinian rights

Morocco will resume official contacts with Israel with a view to establishing diplomatic relations as soon as possible.

The announcement came during phone talks that King Mohammed VI had this Thursday with US President Donald Trump.

A statement by the Royal office said that the King announced during the phone talks that Morocco will grant direct flight authorizations for the transport of members of the Moroccan Jewish community and Israeli tourists from and to Morocco.

The move comes in the context of the special ties that unite the Jewish community of Moroccan origin, including in Israel, to Morocco and its King.

Morocco has never severed ties with its Jewish community and the 2011 constitution enshrines in its preamble the richness and diversity of the spiritual and cultural components, including the Hebrew one, which forge the identity of Moroccans.

Israelis of Moroccan origin, for their part, remain attached to their country and to its traditions. They regularly visit Morocco to take part in Hebrew festivals and celebrations that are held throughout the year, in several regions of Morocco. Some of the Israelis of Moroccan origin hold high-ranking positions in the Israeli administration. In the current government of Benjamin Netanyahu, unveiled last May, 10 ministers are of Moroccan origin.

The Monarch said that contacts with Israel will also seek to promote innovative relations in the economic and technological fields and to reopen liaison offices in the two countries, as was the case previously for several years, up to 2002.

King Mohammed VI made it clear that these measures in no way affect Morocco’s permanent and sustained commitment in favor of the just Palestinian cause and its determination to continue to contribute effectively and constructively to a just and lasting peace in the Middle -East.

In this regard, the Monarch recalled Morocco’s constant and balanced positions on the Palestinian question, stressed support for a solution based on two States living side by side in peace and security, and underlined the need for the respect of the freedom of worship for the followers of the three monotheistic religions, as well as the respect for the Muslim seal of Al-Quds Acharif and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in accordance with the Al-Quds / Jerusalem appeal signed by the King, Commander of the Faithful, and His Holiness Pope Francis, during the Pope’s visit to Rabat on March 30, 2019, the Royal Office statement stated further.

The Monarch also underlined the historical role that Morocco has always played in bringing the peoples of the region closer together and in promoting peace and stability in the Middle East.

During the phone talks, the King and the American President also spoke of the ongoing efforts to resolve the crisis at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

In this regard, and given the bonds of firm fraternity, sincere cordiality and mutual appreciation, uniting King Mohammed VI and his brothers, the Kings and Emirs of the Arab Gulf countries, King Mohammed VI expressed hope that the recent positive developments lead to the achievement of the desired reconciliation, as this will consolidate security and stability in the Gulf region, and achieve comprehensive Arab security and economic and social development for the benefit of the peoples of the region, the Royal Office statement said.

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