Moroccan airline launches new routes to six European countries

Moroccan airline launches new routes to six European countries

The Moroccan airline Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is launching as of December 15 and during the next five months fifteen new routes towards France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

The operation, carried out in cooperation with the Moroccan National Tourist Office, aims to support the tourism sector which was badly affected by the coronavirus health crisis this year.

The sector which accounts for 7% of the country’s GDP is vital for providing foreign currency and provides direct and indirect jobs for 2.5 million people.
Before the coronavirus pandemic, Morocco recorded close to thirteen million visitors a year.

The new flights with some 150,255 seats will link Marrakech, Agadir and Dakhla to 10 European cities, while the frequency of Marrakech-Paris flights will be strengthened to ten flights per week, according to a joint statement released by ONMT and RAM.

The city that will see its air traffic increase the most is Marrakech, from which new flights will depart to London (4 frequencies per week,) Madrid, Brussels, Milan (3 frequencies), and Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseilles (2 frequencies).

The Atlantic city of Agadir will be connected to London, Brussels, Manchester and Lyon with two flights a week for each destination.

Finally, the airline will also service a new twice-weekly flight between Paris and Dakhla in the Moroccan Sahara, where tourism linked to maritime sports such as surfing and kite-surfing has been growing in recent years.

Morocco which closed its borders in March to limit the spread of the coronavirus has since then allowed a partial and conditional opening of the borders, with the necessity for visitors to take a PCR test, and have a hotel reservation or a business invitation that justifies the trip.


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