Other African, European countries support Morocco’s intervention in Guerguarat

Other African, European countries support Morocco’s intervention in Guerguarat

The number of countries expressing support and solidarity with Morocco’s legitimate move to restore the free movement of people and goods at the border crossing point of Guerguarat between Morocco and Mauritania is increasing day after day.

The passage was blocked for three weeks by the Polisario and all UN attempts failed to clear the road until Morocco intervened to reopen the road militarily on November 13 and ensure its safety once and for all.

Togo was among the latest states in Africa to voice backing to Morocco’s action in Guerguarat saying that it supports the “right of Morocco to defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity.”

In a letter addressed to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Togolese government confirmed that it supports Morocco’s restoration of the free movement of goods and people across the border between Mauritania and Morocco.

The Togolese government also called on “all the stakeholders involved” to give priority to the path of dialogue and consultation for the settlement of the dispute, in compliance with relevant UN resolutions.

Togo furthermore welcomed its cooperation relations with Morocco.

In Europe, Poland adopted the same position as other European countries which welcomed the resumption of free movement of goods and people through the Guerguarat post.

Poland, through its embassy in Rabat, voiced support for maintaining unhindered cross-border trade in Guerguarat, and underlined “the alignment of Warsaw with the statements made by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, on the situation in the area of El Guerguarat”.

Poland has also stressed “the importance of preserving freedom of movement and cross-border trade in Guerguarat zone due to its significant impact throughout the Sahel region”.

Countries from around the world have rallied around Morocco and its continued insistence to respect the UN process, which includes adherence to the 1991 ceasefire that brought peace to the region.

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