Algeria’s news agency admits Morocco controls border crossing with Mauritania

Algeria’s state news agency APS has spent the last few days relaying fake-news claiming fictional Polisario victories and decisive responses to Morocco’s actions to reopening its border crossing with Mauritania.

In a story, the APS admitted that now Morocco has built a security wall that extends to the Mauritanian border.

Morocco has deployed its army in a peaceful operation with clear rules of engagement avoiding civilians and restricting use of arms to self-defense in order to reo-open a border passage to international traffic after three weeks of Polisario banditry.

Soon after, Polisario media claimed that they have bombarded the crossing and the Moroccan security wall without offering any sort of evidence. They have rather used images from Yemen, Syria and Nagorno Karabakh as well as video game footage to claim fictional victories.

Meanwhile, international traffic of goods and passengers has been restored and truck drivers feel safer than ever after Morocco announced that it has built a fortified security wall that would prevent once and for all any sort of Polisairo incursion into the crossing.



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