Morocco’s Health Ministry lays out Covid-19 vaccination strategy

Morocco is finalizing its logistics preparations for the launch of a large-scale Covid-19 vaccination campaign under instructions from King Mohammed VI.

The Health Ministry said that 2888 vaccination centers have been prepared as Morocco plans to start vaccination in the upcoming days.

He said that orders have been placed and that the strategy also includes mobile units that will go to universities, prisons and factories etc.

The campaign will target people over 18 years old and will take up to 12 weeks as two doses need to be taken, he said.

Priority will be given to citizens in the frontline such as health workers, authority agents, security forces, teachers, elders and people with underlying health conditions, he said.

El Otmani had said that Morocco will opt for three to four vaccines. Morocco already ordered the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine and the UK’s AstraZeneca vaccine.

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