Guerguarat: Italian Foundation, influential figures support Morocco’s position, commitment to ceasefire

Guerguarat: Italian Foundation, influential figures support Morocco’s position, commitment to ceasefire

The Italian Calabria Roma Europa Foundation, which brings together more than 180 Italian municipalities, has welcomed Morocco’s commitment to the ceasefire in force since 1991 in the buffer zone of Guerguarat.

The Foundation also commended the Kingdom’s commitment to the political process under the aegis of the United Nations and on the basis of Security Council resolutions, to achieve a political, negotiated and lasting solution to the regional dispute over the Sahara, in accordance with the autonomy initiative proposed by Morocco in 2007, considered serious and credible by the international community.

The Italian Foundation condemns as irresponsible the provocations of the Polisario separatist group which blocked the movement of civilians and goods in the crossing point of Guerguara, a strategic area of commercial exchanges between Europe and Africa.

These actions are a violation of the ceasefire agreement and a threat to peace and stability in a region already shaken by the challenges of jihadist terrorism, and human and drug trafficking, Calabria Roma Europa Foundation stressed.

The Foundation underlined in this regard the need to preserve, on a permanent basis, the free movement of civilians and goods, as stipulated by international law.

The Polisario’s provocative acts in Guerguarat were also denounced by over 100 Italian influential figures from the spheres of politics, economy and art, who expressed their support for Morocco’s position on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.

In a call launched at the initiative of the Italian-Moroccan Organization for Human Rights, MPs, senators, deans and university professors, researchers, engineers, trade unionists, bankers, business operators, in addition to civil society activists and figures of the world of sports expressed their “support for Morocco’s national cause, and their conviction as to the Moroccanness of the Sahara.”

The call also exposed the allegations used by the Polisario to mislead public opinion in order to obtain humanitarian aid, while lauding the efforts made by Morocco in the fight against terrorism and arm and human trafficking networks.

These figures stressed that the Polisario’s actions in Guerguarat constitute a provocation with regard to the UN and the international community. These irresponsible actions have exposed the role of Algeria in the instrumentalization of the Polisario which it uses like a puppet, they underlined.

These figures also praised Morocco’s approach, which helped secure the area, and welcomed the restraint shown by the Kingdom and its respect for international agreement.

They likewise underlined the relevance of the Autonomy Proposal and the extensive regionalization project, while commending the development underway in the Sahara provinces.

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