Sahel § Saharan states welcome Morocco’s actions in Guerguarat

Sahel § Saharan states welcome Morocco’s actions in Guerguarat

The Community of Sahel Saharan States (CEN-SAD) have expressed support for the measures taken by Morocco to reopen Guerguarat crossing to traffic after weeks of Polisario banditry that left the route linking Morocco to the rest of Africa blocked.

Morocco on Friday opened the road after a professional intervention of the Royal Armed Forces that cleared the road and enabled the return of the free flow of passenger and commercial traffic.

The CEN-SAD expressed their support for the actions taken by Moroccan authorities to defend the Kingdom’s sovereignty in line with international law.

They underscored the need to safeguard the free flow of traffic on the Guerguarat border crossing in conformity with the goals of the African free trade area.


The CEN-SAD member states also deplored “the violations of resolutions 2414/2018 and 2440/2018” and commended Morocco’s attachment to the UN peace process.

Several African and Arab states as well as international actors supported Morocco’s move to open the Guerguarat road to international traffic and stressed the need for continuing the peace process.

Morocco has reiterated its commitment to the ceasefire agreement, noting that the use of arms is restricted only to legitimate self-defense.

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