AFD supports Casablanca tramway company with €100 Mln loan

AFD supports Casablanca tramway company with €100 Mln loan

The Casablanca tramway company announced on Monday it secured a €100 million loan from the French Development Agency (AFD) for the building of two new lines (T3 & T4) to improve public urban transport in Morocco’s biggest city.

The AFD financial support to the expansion of Casablanca Tramway network also includes a €500,000 grant to promote the use of a clean and low-carbon mode of transportation.

In 2012, the French agency provided the Moroccan company with €23 million funding for the construction of the first line of the tramway. It was followed five years later by another contribution of €30 million for the building of the second line.

Commenting this agreement, French Ambassador to Morocco Hélène Le Gal said “through this new partnership, AFD will help Casablanca tramway company deploy an efficient and low-carbon transport system contributing to sustainable development goals (SDGs), by offering commuters access to better public services and creating job opportunities.”

For his part, director of Casa Tramway Company Nabil Belabed stressed the importance of building the new lines which are part of the city’s urban transport master plan seeking to reduce congestion and pollution, provide safe and efficient services, and provide passengers with a comfortable and new travelling experience.

Casablanca’s tramway system started in 2012 with its first line (23 km) that connects the south-western and eastern suburbs of Casablanca to the center of the city, covering 48 stations.

The 19.5km T2 line has 33 stations across nine districts of Casablanca. The T3 planned line (14-km) will have 20 stations. It is expected to be operational by 2021. The T4 line, also a 14km-long tram line, is expected to be completed by 2022.


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