Polisario’s banditry undermines Mauritanian economy- Mauritanian MPs

Polisario’s banditry undermines Mauritanian economy- Mauritanian MPs

Mauritanian MPs decried the continuing banditry practiced by the Polisario by blocking the flow of commercial trafficking on the Guerguarat border crossing between Morocco and Mauritania.

Le360 news websites cited statements by Mauritanian MPs describing the disruption of commercial traffic as an attempt to undermine the Mauritanian economy.

Mauritania depends on much of its agricultural supplies on Morocco with whom trade has been growing in recent years.

The website cited attempts by the Polisario to influence political life as the new President distances himself from the pro-separatist stands espoused by his predecessor Ould Abdelaziz.

Cutting supplies from the Mauritanian market has so far led to soaring prices putting Mauritania’s social peace at risk, said MPs

Polisario’s incursions into the buffer zone of the Guerguarat have been denounced on multiple occasions by the UN.

Morocco’s foreign minister Nasser Bourita described the disruption of traffic by the Polisario as an act of banditry.

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