Morocco hosts launch ceremony of labor migration & mobility project in North Africa

Morocco hosts launch ceremony of labor migration & mobility project in North Africa

A regional project aimed at strengthening the migrant workers’ protection was launched Wednesday in Rabat in the presence of representatives of Moroccan government, ILO, IOM, EU and Germany.

In his inaugural speech, Moroccan Minister Mohamed Amkraz highlighted the Kingdom’s migration & asylum strategy, which has opened up the local labor market to legal migrants, while protecting their rights and opening schools to their children.

He stressed the importance of North-South cooperation for good governance of the migration challenges, calling for setting out a global approach based on a shared regional and international vision.

For his part, member of EU delegation in Morocco Philip Mikos said the regional migration project launched in Rabat aims to ensure the respect of the rights of legal migrants and their training in Morocco.

This program seeks to build a comprehensive approach in dealing with labor migration and mobility in North Africa. It is also meant to improve the governance of labor migration in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt and create more job opportunities in Europe for professionals from these three countries, he explained.

The regional migration program aims to improve the benefits of labor migration and mobility for countries of origin and destination as well as for migrant workers and their families.

This project will contribute to improving the governance of labor migration and the protection of migrant workers in North Africa by supporting the development while respecting human rights and labor standards.

The program meets the objectives of the Global Compact for Safe, Regular and Orderly Migration signed in Marrakech in 2018. The Compact is the first-ever global cooperation framework set out for sharing responsibility to protect the migrants and support the host countries and communities.

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