Morocco loosens Covid-19 entry requirements for inbound tourists

Morocco loosens Covid-19 entry requirements for inbound tourists

To help tourism sector recover quickly from the impact of Covid-19, Moroccan authorities decided on Thursday to ease covid-19 entry requirements for international travelers.

Starting October 1st, foreign visitors will have to show a negative PRC test taken in the last 72 hours instead of 48 hours required previously before arriving in the country.

The validity of Covid-19 PCR test has been extended to encourage inbound tourism, while serological test is no longer required for foreign visitors to be allowed entry.

However, tourists must have hotel reservation or invitation from a Moroccan enterprise before arriving in the Kingdom. These measures have been taken at the request of local travel and hospitality professionals.

According to National tourism observatory, coronavirus pandemic has cost Moroccan tourism about $2 billion in lost revenues. The sector represents 7 pc of the country’s GDP and employs directly more than 500,000 people.

To enable Moroccan tourism sector rebound, UK Black Diamond, a PR agency, has been selected by national tourism office to promote Moroccan destination, focusing on its world-class cuisine, desert accessibility, mountain hiking and golf.

The London-based agency will be establishing a visiting media and influencer program to Morocco, as well as hosting a number of journalist and industry events.

The promotion campaign will focus on lesser-known destinations, such as the cities of Tangier, Rabat and Fes, as well as the seaside resort of Dakhla, the pearl of southern Morocco.

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