Members of Moroccan security services top list of vaccine volunteers

Morocco and China’s Sinopharm CNBG have signed an agreement to carry out tests for the new coronavirus vaccine, which so far exceeded the required number by six as members of different security services topped the list of volunteers, the Moroccan media said.

Most volunteers were from the Royal Armed forces, Auxiliary forces, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Police and other services.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Moroccan-Chinese cooperation have been fostered with Morocco sending aid when China was in the early stages of the virus and Peking helping Morocco with equipment later.

Bilateral cooperation was recently at the heart of phone talks between King Mohammed VI and China’s President Xi JINPING.

Last week, Morocco ordered doses of the R-Pharm vaccine developed under a contract from the UK’s AstraZenica, which produced a vaccine in collaboration with Oxford University.

On September 22, Morocco had 19,181 active cases, 1830 deaths and 80,732 recoveries.


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