COVID-19: Moroccan company develops UV disinfecting machines

COVID-19: Moroccan company develops UV disinfecting machines

A Fez-based Moroccan company has successfully designed and manufactured “fast, efficient and inexpensive” ultraviolet disinfecting machines.

The devices manufactured by “Atlas Invention” allow to “deeply” disinfect an average-sized room in just about fifteen minutes, according to the company officials.

Unlike conventional devices using vaporization, UVC devices emit ultraviolet rays using variable electric power lamps. These devices use type C ultraviolet technology with a wavelength of 253 nanometers.

This process has already proven effective abroad and has the advantage of being clean, efficient, fast and less expensive than other disinfection systems.

This process, which provides an alternative option to disinfection gates which had been banned by the local authorities for non-compliance with international health standards, is oriented towards medical facilities, (hospitals, clinics, care centers, labs , pharmacies…), as well as schools, administrations and hotels.

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