Singapore: Morocco wins Bronze Medal in 32nd International Olympiad in Informatics

Morocco ranked 3rd in the 32nd International Olympiad Informatics (IOI 2020) held in Singapore online due to the Covid-19 pandemic September 13 through 19.

The North African Kingdom took part in this international prestigious algorithmic competition with four students: Mohamed El Khatri; Nabil Boudraa; Amine Moutii, and Aymane Riad Essoulh.

They gleaned 604.02 points to win a bronze medal in this annual global computing science event, which aims to encourage and reward exceptional high school students for their talent in the field of informatics
Each participating country in this Olympiad selects a team of four contestants. Each contestant competes individually to maximize their score by solving three algorithmic problems within five hours.

This competition seeks to sharpen the students’ informatics skills, including problem analysis, design of algorithms & data structures, programming, and testing.

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