Morocco, US Launch Education Partnership for Teacher Training

Morocco, US Launch Education Partnership for Teacher Training

Morocco’s Ministry of Education and the US Agency of International Development (USAID) launched on Wednesday the Higher Education Partnership Program to strengthen Morocco’s teacher training system.

The Ministry of Education announced in a statement that the program has a budget of $5 million over a period of five years and that it aims to enhance the quality of primary education through the training of teachers.

The Mary Lou Fulton University in Arizona will execute the program in coordination with Moroccan universities and regional academies of education and training, and with the help of experts in the private sector in the aspect of technical support.

US Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer who attended the launch ceremony said the “project represents the fruit of over a decade of partnership efforts between the US Government and Morocco’s Ministry of National Education.”

The US ambassador pledged a “significant change” in the quality of teaching and learning in primary schools in Morocco, to help build a generation of independent learners capable of competing in the job market of tomorrow.
Minister of National Education Saaid Amzazi highlighted the need to build the skills of elementary teachers and initiate them to remote learning techniques, as well as new information and communication technologies.

The official praised the fruitful cooperation between the education ministry and USAID, adding that this program falls within the framework of the prospects for the education system reform.

The US-Morocco partnership falls within the framework of law 51-17 relating to the system of education, training, and scientific research, as well as the basic training for teachers of primary education.

The program will also support Moroccan universities to enhance their human resources with the aim to implement the training program of “Bachelor’s degree in Education.”

The Ministry of Education’s statement highlighted the US support for Morocco’s education system that has lasted over a decade. The support includes a total investment value of $250 million via programs of reinforcing reading skills for primary education students and boosting the general quality of education in Morocco.

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