COVID-19: Morocco reports record infections as clusters surge

COVID-19: Morocco reports record infections as clusters surge

Morocco has reported a new COVID-19 record infections at 2430 in the last 24 hours with a total number of cases so far surpassing 80,000.

Total deaths rose to 1524 while recoveries increased to 64194. Active cases stand at 19479.

Hospitals in cities with high infections are already struggling to meet the needs of an increasing number of patients.

Morocco has renewed a health emergency decree and has imposed restrictive measures in cities with high number of infections.

In Casablanca, a curfew has been imposed from 22:00 to 5:00 and schools were asked to adopt distance learning. Agadir will close its beaches like many other coastal cities where infections surged.

Authorities have often warned of a general lockdown but economists see the measure will have a drastic impact on an already battered economy by the coronavirus pandemic.

Morocco is taking part in trials for a Chinese vaccine that so far showed positive results and leaves door open for cooperation with other nations that have made inroads in vaccine research such as Russia.

The country has allowed tourists from countries serviced by flag carrier RAM to visit the country upon a hotel reservation, a move that was welcomed by tourism operators.


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