Morocco’s field hospital in Beirut performs nearly 16,000 medical acts

Morocco’s field hospital in Beirut performs nearly 16,000 medical acts

The military field hospital, set-up by Morocco in Beirut following the city port blasts, has performed 15,900 medical acts to the benefit of people affected by the tragic explosions.


The free medical services, covering various specialties, benefited 6,970 people between August 10 and 30.


The medical staff offered basic treatment services, including 450 medical analysis services, and 1,203 x-ray examinations, including 479 echocardiography.

The medical staff of the hospital has performed 108 surgeries in various specialties, including microsurgery and general surgery in orthopedics, neurology, ophthalmology, gynecology, obstetrics, burn surgery, reconstructive surgery, and pediatrics. Basic treatments were provided to hundreds, in addition to the free distribution of medicines to more than 5,639 people.


Besides the field hospital, set up in Beirut at the instructions of King Mohammed VI, Morocco also sent 18 planes loaded with medical and food assistance to Lebanon.


The humanitarian aid included vital emergency medicine, foodstuff, canned food, grains, powder milk…, etc. It also comprised tents and blankets to shelter the stricken population of the city where at least 300,000 were left homeless.


Morocco also shipped anti-covid equipment such as facemasks, face shields, medicine, protective gear and hand sanitizers.


Morocco’s humanitarian aid following the Beirut explosions surpassed the US, as well as European, Asian, and other Arab countries.

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