Algeria: Several top military commanders sacked as part of army shakeup

Several senior military officers were sacked Wednesady, as the shakeup of the Algerian army continues.

According to a statement by the Defense Ministry, General-major Abdelkader Lachkhem who heads the department of transmissions, information systems and the digital war of the army is among those sacked. A decree issued Wednesday said General-major Farid Bedjghit will take over.

Ali Akroum, of the same rank, has been removed from the organization and logistics department of the military staff of the Algerian popular army, according to another statement. He has been replaced by General-major Houes Ziari.

General-major Rachid Chouakri who heads the Defense Ministry’s manufacturing directorate has also been sacked. He has been replaced by General-major Salim Grid who heads the Cherchell military academy.

General Smail Seddiki takes over as Central Director of equipment at the Defense Department, in lieu of General-major Mohammed Teboudelette.



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