Morocco wants to secure global access to COVID-19 vaccines

Morocco wants to secure global access to COVID-19 vaccines

As governments around the world are racing to ensure early access to COVID-19 vaccines currently in trials, Morocco does not stand idly by as it is actively working to secure coronavirus vaccines to protect its citizens.

Health Minister Khalid Ait Taleb said Monday that the North African Kingdom will take part, along other countries, in the ongoing global clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines to get sufficient doses from the successful vaccine in a timely manner.

Through its active participation in these clinical trials, Morocco will gain the know-how to produce this vaccine and achieve its self-sufficiency, said Ait Taleb.

Several countries have joined efforts to find a vaccine in a record time, added the minister, noting that Morocco, which puts the health of citizens at the top of its priorities, has sealed partnerships and cooperation agreements to secure the vaccine once the trials prove it is safe and effective.

More than 100 vaccines are in development around the world but only six have reached phase three clinical trials, which include widespread testing in humans before launching mass vaccination.

In Morocco, Covid-19 has so far infected 43,558 people, killed 681, while 29,941 others recovered.

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