Tindouf Camps: Polisario fails to allay growing concerns over coronavirus spread

The polisario leaders are vainly making reassuring statements on the coronavirus situation in the Tindouf camps. However, the Sahrawis sequestered in the Tindouf camps, Southern Algeria, are increasingly concerned over the growing number of covid-19 infections and rising death toll, which are pushing the polisario to hide the true extent of the covid-19 pandemic with secret burials taking place at night.

The Sahrawis locked down in Tindouf camps are alarmed by the few volunteer doctors present on the ground who are overwhelmed by the soaring covid-19 cases and belie the untrue comments made by the leaders of the separatist movement.

These doctors have voiced serious “concerns over the spike of positive cases” of covid-19 and “confirmed deaths” caused by the coronavirus pandemic which is spreading in the Tindouf camps.

The soaring tension in the camps is exacerbated by the appalling lack of health facilities to handle covid-19 patients and the essential testing and screening equipment, which Sahrawis see as a luxury as they do not have clean water or sanitation.

The Sahrawis of the Tindouf camps are now furious, rattling and on the verge of imploding. They decry this lamentable and unbearable situation, exposing the big lies of the polisario and of Algerian regime, which very often trumpets generous relief aid to the Sahrawis.

However, the reality on the ground is very much different, startling and upsetting, requiring urgent international intervention to put an end to the sufferings and hardship of the sequestered Sahrawis in these polisario-controlled camps.

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