King urges reforms to strengthen foundations of welfare state in Morocco

King urges reforms to strengthen foundations of welfare state in Morocco

King Mohammed VI of Morocco urged the government to step up reforms to foster social and territorial justice with a particular focus on expanding social welfare protection to cover all Moroccans.

“I call on the Government and on economic and social actors to be effectively engaged in this endeavor, and to show a sense of responsibility as we implement a constructive national contract that should be commensurate with current challenges and live up to the expectations of the Moroccan people,” said the King in a speech on the occasion of the Throne Day.

The project spurred by the King and the reforms introduced aim “to achieve social justice and inter-regional cohesion”, said the King.

He said offering social protection to all Moroccans remains his “chief” concern until all segments of society are properly covered.

In this regards, the King recalled a speech he gave in 2018 on the same occasion calling for speeding up the review of the social protection system, which “suffers from scattered services and inadequate coverage and is only moderately effective.”

This project needs to be implemented gradually, as of January 2021, using a well thought-out plan, starting with compulsory health coverage and family allowances, then moving on to pension and unemployment benefits, he added.

Such reforms will help curb the informal economy and help it integrate Morocco’s economic fabric, he said.

“Therefore, I call on the Government to complete the development, together with the social actors concerned, of a comprehensive, practical approach that includes the timetable, legal framework and financing options needed to achieve effective universal social protection,” said the King.

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