Egypt: Parliament approves a possible armed intervention in Libya

Egypt: Parliament approves a possible armed intervention in Libya

The Egyptian Parliament unanimously approved on Monday July 20 a possible armed intervention in Libya. MEPs reacted to the eastward advance of Libyan government forces. Egypt, which supports Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s camp, intends to “defend national security” in the face of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The Egyptian president had warned last Thursday that Egypt “will not remain inert in the face of any movement that would constitute a direct threat to national security”.

In a closed-door vote, Egyptian MPs unanimously approved a possible sending of “elements of the Egyptian army on combat missions outside the country’s borders” to “defend national security”, according to a parliamentary press release, which uses the same expression used a few days ago by the President.

Libya is torn between the Government of National Unity (GNA), recognized by the UN and supported by Turkey in particular, and Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who reigns over the East and part of the South of the country and who can count on the support of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Last June, Egypt had already warned that an advance of GNA forces to the East was likely to provoke an armed intervention on its part. The latest movements of the GNA towards Sirte, a city under the control of Khalifa Haftar and a strategic point in the exploitation of Libyan oil resources, have led to a new escalation of tensions.

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