Covid-19: Moroccan Authorities shut down factories, businesses for flouting health guidelines

The Moroccan ministry of the Interior has decided to close down temporarily 514 factories and businesses across the country for violating the health and safety requirements related to covid-19.

The move comes after a spike of coronavirus hotbeds in industrial units following the reopening of businesses in the North African Kingdom, which has eased the lockdown but extended by another month the health emergency until August 10.

The cluster of new cases reported lately in various Moroccan factories have raised concerns over the potential of a new wave of covid-19 infections resulting in a re-lockdown measures as it was seen in some countries.

On Tuesday, Interior minister Abdelatif Laftif held a meeting with representatives of the employers union (Confédération générale des entreprises du Maroc) in presence of the ministers of health, industry, and tourism.

During this meeting, Mr. Laftit blamed laxism in prevention measures in industrial units for the new coronavirus hotspots identified in the country and warned that actions will be taken against factories and businesses flouting social distancing and hygiene rules to protect workers from covid-19.

In Morocco, the coronavirus has infected 16, 262 people, killed 259 while 13,821 others recovered.

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