Morocco is not a cyber jungle, defense administration tells Amnesty

The department in charge of cyber security, an offshoot of the defense administration, rejected Amnesty’s allegations about a Moroccan journalist being snooped on by an Israeli software saying that Morocco has a national cyber security strategy.

In an article on Arabic speaking Al Ahdath daily, the administration recalled that Amnesty fell short of presenting hard evidence for its claims, adding that since smartphones started to be used in Morocco, authorities developed cyber protection systems in tandem.

It recalled that it issued warnings to protect citizens against hacking and non-permitted access to personal data.

Amnesty’s report does not add any value, deplored the administration, noting that Omar Radi- who acknowledged having accessed unsafe websites- refused to update his IOS system leaving it prey to easy hacking.

The Moroccan government has asked Amnesty on multiple occasions to present proof for its claims or withdraw the report but these calls so far fell on deaf ears.

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