USAID supports Moroccan associations mitigate Covid-19 impact

USAID supports Moroccan associations mitigate Covid-19 impact

Five Moroccan NGOs have benefited from the support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on vulnerable local communities.

The beneficiary civil society organizations are Association Ennakhil, Mouvement Alternatives Citoyenne (ALCI), Association Colombe Blanche pour les Droits des Personnes en Situation de Handicap (White Dove), Association Marocaine de Solidarité et de Développement (AMSED) and Forum Azzahrae for Moroccan Women.

The US agency said it helped these partner associations organize a virtual meeting to discuss the important role of civil society organizations in covid-19 pandemic response efforts due to their proximity to vulnerable people including those with disabilities, women, and inhabitants of rural and mountainous areas.

According to the USAID, the event featured civil society organizations, government representatives, parliamentarians, and academics. It has been viewed by approximately 1,900 people and will be followed by a campaign to enable civil society organizations play much more active role work during crises.

USAID works with Moroccan government, civil society organizations, and private sector actors to design programs that support the country’s ambitious development goals. USAID’s programs currently focus on youth employability, citizen participation in socioeconomic development, primary education, vocational, maternal & child health, microfinance …

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