Most of Morocco emerges from three-month confinement

Most Moroccans can finally leave their homes without a permit as the country relaxes confinement measures in strict respect of anti-coronavirus protection measures.

Cafes across the kingdom have been asked to not exceed half capacity. In downtown Rabat most cafes seemed to abide by social distancing rules.

Some big brand outlets are monitoring temperature of their clients and offering sanitizer before giving access to the stores.

Domestic travel resumed but there were more demand than offer as companies are taking time to adapt with the new normal.

Tangier, Larache, Kenitra and Marrakech still keep a stricter confinement requiring a permit to go out and restricting travel to regions were lockdown was loosened.

On the eve of the lockdown easing, Morocco registered a new high in coronavirus cases standing at 563, but Thursday, the number of new infections dropped to 431.

Total infections grew by Thursday to 11338 including 217 deaths and 8500 recoveries as the total number of tests nears 600,000.

The state of emergency which, inter alia, allows the government to restore anti-coronavirus restrictive measures remains in force until July 10.

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