COVID-19: Clusters complicate Morocco’s confinement easing

COVID-19: Clusters complicate Morocco’s confinement easing

Morocco reported on Friday 539 new coronavirus cases, the highest number of infections ever recorded, due primarily to hotspots linked to fruit-packaging plant in Lalla Mimouna, north of Kenitra.

Clusters have become a nightmare for Moroccans eager to emerge from a lockdown enforced since March 20.

The new hot spot, with 457 cases, came on the eve of an expected announcement to ease the confinement measures.

Morocco has so far recorded 9613 cases with 8117 recoveries and 213 deaths, according to the health ministry.

Only 10 people were in intensive care among the 1283 active cases.

Morocco has decided to group covid cases in two hospitals near Marrakech and near Casablanca to free capacity in other hospitals to treat other patients.

The country has been divided into a zone where people could go out without permit and an area with a stricter control requiring permits.

Total cases in Algeria rose to 11,385 with 811 deaths, one of the highest virus death rates in Africa.

In Tunisia, where the lockdown has been lifted completely, only four new cases emerged in the country bringing total confirmed cases to 1132, including 50 deaths and 1006 recoveries.

Morocco’s southern neighbor, Mauritania reported a rise of cases to 2223 with 97 deaths and 427 recoveries.

Mauritania is among 15 countries to whom Morocco sent an urgent medical aid to help them fight the covid outbreak. The airlifted aid includes 8 million masks, protective gear, medicine and sanitizers.


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