Will Morocco organize crossing campaign for expats this summer?

The coronavirus has disrupted many plans including the annual summer crossings of some 3 million Moroccans to spend summer in their homeland through the strait of Gibraltar and Mediterranean ports.

Spanish media put forward the date of July 15 for the start of the operation citing Moroccan authorities which have yet to announce the date officially.

Last year, over 700,000 vehicles of Moroccans abroad crossed the strait in an operation dubbed Marhaba.

This year, fewer Moroccans are expected to cross into their homeland due to complications imposed by the coronavirus.

Their arrival could help hotels mitigate some of the losses resulting from the coronavirus destructive impact on international tourist arrivals, which have dropped to zero after Morocco suspended international flights in March.

Most Moroccans prefer to bring their own cars given the short distance separating Morocco from Europe, but nearly 1 million prefer to fly.

Morocco has not set a specific date yet for opening its borders, including its airports to international traffic, and has maintained health emergency until July 10.

Morocco’s European diaspora, estimated at about 6 million, is mainly based in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Remittances of Moroccans living abroad are key to the Kingdom’s finances and foreign exchange reserves.

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