Morocco rejects blunder of Algerian presidency spokesman

Morocco rejects blunder of Algerian presidency spokesman

Morocco rejected in the strongest terms the verbal blunders uttered by the spokesman for the Algerian presidency who alleged that the Moroccan consul in Oran had left the country because he was an agent of Moroccan intelligence.

“Morocco, at first, thought of not reacting to the irresponsible allegations made by the Algerian presidency spokesman to which we are used for decades,” Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita told state news agency MAP.

“However, given the extreme seriousness of such comments,” the Minister expresses “dismay for such allegations made by the representative of an institution that is supposed to show reserve and restraint.”

Morocco raises questions about the real motives of this new escalation and the permanent Algerian question to perpetuate an atmosphere of suspicion in total disregard for neighborliness.

“Morocco rejects such ridiculous and unfounded statements,” said Bourita, adding that Morocco’s consul in Oran has been an employee of the Foreign Ministry for 28 years and has served both at home and at diplomatic missions abroad.

The Moroccan consul came under the spotlight after a video attributed to him included a remark on Algeria as “the enemy of Morocco”.

Moroccan foreign ministry said the video was not authentic but “whatever the truth of the video ascribed to the Consul, Morocco decided to recall him immediately,” said Bourita, insisting that the recall of the Consul was thus an exclusively Moroccan initiative and that the Consul in question has fulfilled his professional duties.

“Morocco, at no time, has received an official request from Algerian authorities to recall its Consul general,” he said.

In line with the regional policy spearheaded by the King, Morocco maintains an outstretched arm policy towards Algeria in order to avoid escalation and has abstained on multiple occasions to comment on numerous past provocations and media attacks.

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