New accusations of corruption, embezzlement laid against Polisario leader

Head of the separatist polisario front, Brahim Ghali, has been again accused of the embezzlement of humanitarian assistance donated by Spanish NGOs to the Sahraoui population sequestered in the Tindouf camps.

FORSATIN (Forum of support for autonomists of Tindouf) indicated that Spanish civil society is currently collecting donations to be shipped to the Tindouf camps, but doubted that the assistance would reach the Tindouf camps populations that are living in appalling conditions.

The Forum recalled that the embezzlement of human assistance is common practice in Tindouf, where the population is forced to buy commodities that should be distributed for free.

The money gleaned from the embezzlement lines up the pockets of the separatists, on top of whom their leader Brahim Ghali who is leading a luxury life, spoiling his wife and children.

While Sahraoui children are forced to enroll in the army, Ghali sends his children to expensive schools abroad, and when they come back they are often seen driving vehicles of the so-called defense ministry, says FORSATIN.

The Forum also recalls that when Ghali was at the head of the so-called Defense Ministry, he used to steal large quantities of fuel that he sold in Mauritania. Although the fuel misappropriation was documented, Ghali was never held to account.

FORSATIN, which also denounces Ghali’s maneuvers to blackmail his opponents, including involving them in alleged sex scandals, points out that Ghali, his family and entourage are illegally amassing fortune at the expense of the Tindouf camps populations.

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