COVID-19: Bayt Mal Al-quds provides medical support to hospitals in Jerusalem

Rabat-based Bayt Mal Al-quds Agency has provided medical assistance to hospitals in the holy city of Al Quds to strengthen the capacity of these hospitals to cope with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The assistance includes prevention kits, masks, disinfectants, protective suits and other medical equipment required in emergency, isolation and quarantine units.

Bayt Mal Alquds Agency has also provided humanitarian aid to families in Al Quds when the state of health emergency was enforced in the city, as well as remote education equipment.

These initiatives were welcomed by several Palestinian personalities, who expressed thanks and gratitude to King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, for his sustained support to the Palestinian people in general and the population of Al Quds in particular.

The agency, an offshoot of the OIC Al-Quds Committee, was set in the 90s of the past century at the initiative of Morocco. The agency is meant to salvage the city of Jerusalem; extend assistance to the Palestinian population and Palestinian institutions in the holy city; and to safeguard and restore the Al Aqsa Mosque and other holy sites in the city as well the city’s cultural, religious, cultural and architectural heritage.

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