Moroccan police foil trafficking attempt of 5.4 tons of cannabis

The Moroccan police Saturday seized 5.4 tons of cannabis resin, in the northeastern city of Nador.

The shipment was discovered in a four-wheel drive vehicle, whose passengers managed to flee during the arrest attempt, in Dar Aarid neighborhood.

The national Security directorate, DGSN, in a statement said the prosecution office of the city has launched an investigation to identify various connections with the drug network.

Last week, Marine Units of the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie (County Police) seized more than four tons of drugs off tangier’s coasts after chasing down two fishing boats used by the smugglers. Seven involved people were arrested.

On May 15, the DGSN services seized 6.3 tons of cannabis resin at the Morocco-Mauritania border crossing in Guerguerat, south of Dakhla.

On May 10, Moroccan police seized 3.5 tons of cannabis resin onboard a truck at the Tit Mellil motorway toll station, near the city of Casablanca.

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