Morocco’s King commemorates Laylat Al Qadr

Morocco’s King commemorates Laylat Al Qadr

King Mohammed VI, flanked by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and Prince Moulay Rachid, commemorated Wednesday night in Rabat Laylat Al Qadr, marking the night when God revealed the Holy Koran to Prophet Muhammad.


The Monarch performed the prayers of Al-Icha and Taraouih, along a limited number of participants to respect confinement and social distancing decreed to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The celebration of Laylat Al Qadr on Ramadan 26, the most sacred night of the holy month of Ramadan, usually takes place in a packed mosque with the participation of members of the Royal Family, MPs, senior officials, theologians and dignitaries.


However, this year the Commander of the faithful decided to preside over the prayers on a small scale, given the particular circumstances dictated by COVID-19 preventive measures.


Minister of Islamic Affairs Ahmed Toufiq, who participated in the event, proceeded to reading out the last part of “Sahih Al Boukhari”.

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