Tunisia: Terror attacks in restive Kasserine foiled

Tunisia: Terror attacks in restive Kasserine foiled

A squad of Tunisian army troops have foiled a terror plot targeting army and security forces in restive Kasserine.


The forces discovered a canister, electrical wires, iron components, ammoniac as well as other equipment used to manufacture landmines, WebdoTunis reports.

Team of army engineers managed to defuse the bombs, the online media notes.

The Tunisian army and law enforcement forces have been struggling to weed out terrorists in the mountainous west-central region at the border with Algeria. Several security forces and army personnel had been killed in several ambush incidents and landmine blasts.

Last month, a landmine blast injured a soldier during a patrol in the region. Few days earlier, a joint army and security forces operation led to the killing of Mohamed Ouanas Ben Mohamed Midani Ben Mohamed Hajji aka Abou mosaab, and Nadhem Ben Mohsen Ben Ammar Dhibi aka Abou Ammar/Adam, both from Jound Al Khilafa, a group affiliated to ISIS.

Both men according to the defense ministry were involved in several attacks and other gruesome killings notably the beheading of three shepherds, Said Ghozlani in 2016, Khalifa Soltani in 2017, and Khaled Ghozlani in 2018.

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