Spain: Joint anti-terror operation between Moroccan police, Guardia Civil & FBI

The Spanish Civil Guard announced on Friday the arrest in Barcelona of a radicalized Moroccan with ties to the terror ISIS group in a coordinated operation carried out with Morocco’s internal intelligence agency (DGST) and the FBI.

According to Spanish investigators, the ISIS operative flouted the coronavirus lockdown in Spain “probably looking for targets”. He voiced his hatred for the West on his social media platform and swore allegiance to the jihadist organization.

A press release issued by Guardia Civil says the detainee was showing clear signs of radicalization and affinity with ISIS for at least four years. His radicalization intensified lately prompting serious security concerns, leading to his arrest with the help of Moroccan police and FBI.

This joint international operation helped to neutralize a serious terror threat. It shows the “excellent cooperation” ties existing between Moroccan security services and their peers worldwide.

Moroccan and Spanish police have carried out several joint anti-terror operations. Morocco cooperates with the USA and its partners in Europe, Asia, and Africa in the war against terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

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