Moroccan Royal Navy rescues 157 undocumented migrants

Moroccan Royal Navy rescues 157 undocumented migrants

Despite the tightened crackdowns on illegal migration and even during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, many migrants continue to risk their life and undertake the dangerous journey.

The Coast Guard of the Moroccan Royal Navy rescued 157 undocumented migrants in the Mediterranean and Atlantic between May 2 and May 4.

The groups of irregular migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, included 30 women and a few minors, a military source told MAP.

The Coast Guard discovered the migrants in makeshift inflatable boats and pulled them aboard a military ship for first aid before bringing them to safety in nearby Moroccan ports, said the military source.

Due to its proximity to Europe, Morocco has become a destination for would-be migrants seeking to reach the northern shores of the Mediterranean, particularly Spain, and thousands of migrants risk their lives each year in their attempt to reach Europe.

The Moroccan Navy intercepted nearly 60,000 migrants attempting the dangerous journey in 2019.

Less fortunate migrants died and their bodies were washed ashore along Morocco’s coastlines.

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