COVID-19: Morocco at the forefront of the world in the fight against pandemic – Media

COVID-19: Morocco at the forefront of the world in the fight against pandemic – Media

Morocco’s impressive management of the coronavirus health crisis has been making the headlines of international media since the outbreak of the pandemic, receiving praise for its quick and sound response, and for the anticipation and leadership of its King.

This Wednesday, the laudable comments were made by Spanish El Pais daily which pointed out that since the appearance of the first coronavirus case in Morocco, the country acted with “audacity and promptness” to curb the spread of the pandemic.


The Moroccan authorities have been able to act boldly and swiftly on vital issues related to the pandemic, the daily stressed, assuring that the Kingdom has even anticipated the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Covid-19.


If the UN agency recommended, on April 6, the use of masks for patients or those who care for patients at home, the same day, Morocco made it compulsory to wear masks in the public space as of April 7, noted the publication.

Some 160 million masks have been distributed across the different regions of the Kingdom, wrote “El Pais”, specifying that the masks are now available everywhere at a subsidized price.


To achieve this goal, Morocco has reoriented the production of several textile industries and started local production of facemasks,
with a daily production reaching 8 million units.

Thanks to all the measures it adopted to deal with the health crisis “Morocco (…) has quickly placed itself at the forefront of the world” in the fight against this pandemic, stated El Pais.

In addition to Spanish media, Spanish MPs and politicians have also welcomed Morocco’s efforts and the effectiveness of its measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, highlighting, in particular, the large-scale domestic production of protective masks.


Spanish politician Juan Segovia tweeted on May 3 his overview on Morocco’s preventive measures, pointing out that it is only fair to acknowledge Spain’s neighbor for its enormous efforts to tackle the public health crisis.


Segovia also shared an article published by Atalyar, quoting the president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Spain’s senate, Antonio Gutierrez Limones, who praised Morocco for its actions against the spread of the coronavirus.


Limones said the crisis shows the effective management of the Moroccan government and its monarch, King Mohammed VI, in addressing the crisis.


Morocco’s performance was also hailed by Chilean newspaper The Segunda, which underlined that Morocco has turned the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity to invest in technological development and innovation while promoting its economy.


Morocco, a country with which Chile enjoys exemplary relations of cooperation and collaboration in various fields, has implemented, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, a public policy based on precautionary and containment measures accompanied by a massive distribution of low cost protection means, the paper noted, adding that the Kingdom produces five times more protective masks than some developed countries.

The author of the article, member of the Latin America-Africa Alliance Foundation for the 21st Century, Cristina Orellana, underlined that Morocco is the leader of a continental strategy to fight the pandemic in Africa through coordinating efforts and strengthening solidarity with the most vulnerable countries.

The Chilean daily also underlined the importance of an application that enables confined citizens to get in touch with health professionals for remote consultations, adding that Morocco is managing this crisis in a way that preserves the interest of the people and their future.

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