Morocco’s OCP Group remains world top exporter of phosphates

Morocco’s OCP Group remains world top exporter of phosphates

The Moroccan state-owned OCP group has maintained its leading position as the world first exporter of phosphates although its market share decreased from 38 pc to 34 pc between January & September 2019, but in phosphoric acid, the Group remains the biggest worldwide exporter, with a 49 pc global market share.

In 2019, OCP exported 9 million tons of phosphate rock against 11 million tons in 2018 due to a 6 pc global drop in exports of phosphate rock, says the Group in its 2019 annual report.

In phosphoric acid, the OCP, which holds 49 pc of the global market, posting a 2 pc annual growth, strengthened in 2019 its position in the Asian market following a decline in demand in European markets.

In third quarter of 2019, OCP exported 1.5 million tons of phosphoric acid against 1.37 million tons recorded during the same period in 2018.

In fertilizers, the OCP group has maintained its global standing thanks to the flexibility of its products worldwide in a market that is oversupplied while demands in Asia are shrinking. In 2019, the Moroccan Group exported 9 million tons phosphate fertilizers against 8.4m tons in 2018.

Last year, the OCP seized the opportunity of the increase in demand in America and Europe to enhance its position in these two markets, while in Africa the Group confirms its standing as the leading fertilizer exporter, holding nearly 58 pc market share.

OCP plays an important role in feeding a growing global population, by providing essential elements for soil fertility and plant growth.

With almost a century of experience and revenues reaching $5.95 billion in 2018, OCP provides a wide range of well-adapted fertilizer products to enhance soil, increase agricultural yields, and help feed the planet in a sustainable and affordable way.

Headquartered in Morocco and present on 5 continents, OCP works in close partnership with more than 160 customers over the world. Committed to best serve the development of Africa, OCP deploys a sustainable and prosperous agriculture on the continent.

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