IBM to Set up Global Delivery Center in Morocco

ibm-global-delivery-center-morroccoU.S. computer technology and IT consulting company IBM has announced lately its intention to open a global delivery center in Casablanca (Morocco’s major business center & economic capital).
The center, which will employ 400 IT professionals over the next three years, is expected to deliver a wide range of high value innovative technology services to IBM customers not only in Morocco but also in all French-speaking Africa.
The creation of this regional center will enable International Business Machines Corporation to enhance its presence in the North African region. Its tasks include apps development & maintenance and systems integration services. The Casablanca IBM center will also have to address the increasing demand for flexible software capability to harness the benefits of emerging technologies such as big data, cloud and mobile.
Its creation is part of IBM investment program set for North Africa. The center will work with local universities and academic institutions to support the development of computer science curriculum and help students benefit from a world class training, tailored to the business needs and the demands of labor market.
To attract the best IT talent from across the region, the center will offer university graduates internships and short-term assignments giving trainees the opportunity to be mentored by IBM experts, engineers and software developers. Such a program will help Morocco train highly skilled professionals who will contribute to the socioeconomic development and boost the country’s competitive edge in global markets.
IBM has been present in Morocco since 1932. Last year, the company opened an expanded location in the administrative capital, Rabat, doubling IBM’s presence and strengthening its operations in the kingdom.
The Casablanca center joins IBM’s globally integrated capability network which delivers deep technical and industry expertise to a wide range of public and private sector clients around the world.
IBM is currently operating in more than 170 countries to help solve problems and provide an edge for businesses, governments and non-profits. Innovation is at the core of IBM’s strategy. The company develops and sells software and systems hardware and a broad range of infrastructure, cloud and consulting services.

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