Morocco denies banning drugs exports to African countries

Morocco denies banning drugs exports to African countries

Moroccan health authorities have refuted the press reports claiming that the Kingdom has banned the exports of drugs to African countries, particularly during the current global health crisis caused by coronavirus pandemic.

The Moroccan ministry belied the press report, labeling as “false and baseless” its claims, which seek to tarnish Morocco’s image and its health system, particularly in these difficult circumstances.

Like all countries around the world, the ministry is monitoring the export of drugs and health equipment to avoid a shortage in basic medicine supplies, explained the ministry, noting that assessment of the pharmaceutical reserves is carried out every week.

This includes the chloroquine-based treatments used against Covid-19, added the ministry, stressing that, in coordination with the pharmaceutical producer of this drug, it controls all the stockpile of this medication.

The Moroccan health department calls on all citizens not to spread fake news and rumors, which may have a negative impact and undermine the efforts made by the Kingdom to ensure the proper functioning of health facilities and centers.

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