COVID-19: Royal instructions spared Morocco thousands of deaths- Health Minister

The pandemic situation is under control in Morocco as the anticipatory measures ordered by King Mohammed VI spared the country thousands of deaths, Health Minister Khaled Ait Taleb said.

Speaking to MPs, Ait Taleb said Morocco is still at level 2 of its counter-pandemic strategy praising the wisdom and unity of command by King Mohammed VI who ordered pre-emptive measures that aimed at protecting the Moroccan citizen from a fast spread of the coronavirus.

Without such measures, the number of deaths could be as high as 6000, said the minister, highlighting the relevance of the confinement measures in averting such figures.

The management of the coronavirus outbreak is characterized by transparency amid a mobilization of the Moroccan people to abide by the confinement measures to avert serious outcomes.

Imposing of facemasks is a continuation of protective measures adopted by Morocco to protect its nationals, he said.

Morocco has 1800 intensive care units, which represent 5% of total beds dedicated to coronavirus patients, the minister added.

Private health clinics offered 500 beds while hotels offered to host and isolate patients with mild symptoms, he said.

“The problem is not in beds but in human resources,” said Ait Taleb, noting that Morocco has 989 intensive care doctors.

Morocco has 1888 coronavirus cases, including 126 deaths and 217 recoveries. 16% of cases show no symptoms, 70% have mild symptoms and 14% are in critical condition.

“The disease is under control but it is still too early to say that we won,” he said, hinting that the confinement may be extended further.

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