Haftar forces cut water supplies in Tripoli amid coronavirus health crisis

UN-backed Government of National (GNA) has condemned and called on the international community to rein in rebel Gen. Khalifa Haftar whose forces have cut water supplies in capital Tripoli amid the spread of the novel coronavirus disease.
The GNA’s interior ministry, Middle East Monitor reports, in statement issued Thursday likened the interruption of the water supply to another crime by rebel leader who has struggling for over one year to uproot the GNA.
The ministry said the move constitutes a violation of international and national laws and urged “international institutions and human rights organizations to document this crime and pursue the perpetrators, in accordance with the mechanisms of international humanitarian law and United Nations (UN) Security Council resolutions.”
The GNA has reported 24 confrmed cases and one death according to worldomeaters.info.
In a separate report, the GNA’s Operation Volcano of Anger, its command in charge of derailing Haftar’s offensive said a ship containing 40 containers of military supplies, docked at the eastern port of Tobruk, in another violation of the UN armed embargo on the country since 2011.
In addition to Russia, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Egypt and UAE have been the pillar of support to Haftar while the GNA has been enjoying all-out support from Turkey, Italy and Qatar.

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