Iraq: Rockets attacks targets US oil company in Basra

Several Katyusha landed near a US oil company in Iraq’s oil crescent of Basra province Monday according to the army.
The army in a statement said at least three rockets hit an area near the company that it did not name.
“The security forces found a rocket launcher and 11 missiles that were not fired which had been defused and dismantled. There were no significant losses recorded,” it added.
No one was harmed in the attacks the army said, adding that it is looking for perpetrators.
The attacks, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) reports came few days after eight Iraqi armed factions Saturday, threatened to attack US forces in the country if they refused to withdraw. The militias argued that the refusal to pullout was proof that it was an occupying power which only respects the language of force.
The U.S and international forces in place Iraq since 2003, have recently come under fire after the Iraqi parliament voted in early January for the withdrawal of all foreign troops after the assassination in early January of Iran’s top military commander an Iraqi militia leader in Baghdad.
The forces have begun last month a gradual withdraw after handing over the Qayyarah military, in Southern Mosul, to the Iraqi army.

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