COVID-19: Morocco to bolster mask production capacity to 3.3 million daily

Morocco aims to bolster its mask production capacity from 2.35 million units currently to 3.3 million amid a global trend towards generalizing masks to counter the coronavirus outbreak, Moroccan media reported.

The Moroccan government has not yet recommended wearing masks for ordinary citizens in line with WHO guidance, which was reverted recently to recommending masks for everybody.

Speaking to Media24 news outlet, communication official at trade and industry ministry Taoufique Moucharraf said that many textile operators are transforming their production chains to meet the needs of Moroccans in terms of masks.

Morocco aims to increase its masks production to 3.3 million units daily and overpass that number in the upcoming weeks, he said.

The masks will be available in supermarkets and shops selling foodstuff across the country, he said.

Le Desk, a French speaking media outlet, said that milk distributors will cooperate to supply masks to 70,000 small shops in popular neighborhoods and small towns across Morocco.

Pharmacies will sell such masks without a profit margin, le Desk cited pharmacy union as saying.

Morocco also issued a decree in the official gazette regulating the price of the disposable masks at 2.5 dirhams maximum.

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