Morocco accommodates 1000 nationals stranded in Istanbul; pays for burial costs of deceased expatriates

Morocco has booked hotel rooms for 1000 of its nationals who have been stranded in Istanbul after the country imposed a passenger flight ban over coronavirus fears.

The Moroccan consulate in Istanbul booked 479 rooms in 16 hotels in Istanbul for the stranded Moroccans.

Turkey has become a favorite destination for Moroccan middle class tourists due mainly to visa-free travel, lower costs and cultural attractions.

Coronavirus has complicated the travel of many Moroccans as consular services across the globe set up hotlines for stranded Moroccans.

Separately, the department of the Moroccans living abroad announced that it will pay for the burial costs of deceased Moroccans from needy families without insurance coverage in the Muslim squares at the cemeteries of their residence countries due to the coronavirus restrictive measures banning the repatriation of coffins to Morocco.

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