Morocco: Over Half Million Students Use E-learning Platform “TelmidTICE”

Morocco: Over Half Million Students Use E-learning Platform “TelmidTICE”

Some 600,000 Moroccan students use daily the online learning TelmidTICE platform launched by the ministry of education after it decided to close schools, universities… and shift courses online to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

Over 3000 courses covering a wide variety of subjects including science, mathematics…are accessible to primary and secondary education students thanks to this web site which has enabled them to continue their learning.

And even in some rural zones where there is no access to Internet, homeschooling goes on unfettered as some local TV channels such as “Athaqafia” and “Laayoune TV” station are broadcasting courses for pupils and students of various levels including the baccalaureate curriculum.

For their part, university and vocational training students are getting their online courses through interactive platforms, which have enhanced dialogue between students and their teachers.

According to some experts, online education can close the digital divide and open up greater opportunities for all learners who can easily access their courses from their homes.

E-learners do not need to take public transport to go to schools or universities, get up early to get dressed for classes or spend money on transportation. The list of benefits of remote schooling is too long.

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