Morocco to buy 100,000 testing kits from South Korea

Morocco to buy 100,000 testing kits from South Korea

Morocco has announced that it will spend 200 million dollars on medical equipment to counter coronavirus including the acquisition of 100,000 testing kits to be supplied by a South Korean company, local media said.

The deal was sealed by Moroccan ambassador in Seoul and South Korean medical company Osang Health Care, Moroccan news websites said citing a statement shared on South Korean media.

“We were in talks with more than 60 countries across the world, when Moroccan ambassador visited us. Afterwards, the contract was rapidly signed,” the South Korean company said in its statement.

The South Korean company said it will offer Morocco 10,000 kits free of charge as it continues to deal with larger orders including the supply of 2 million kits to Romania.

South Korea has been widely praised for its success in managing the coronavirus outbreak thanks largely to its fast and efficient testing program.

The 200 million dollars earmarked by the Special Fund for the management of the pandemic to the Health Ministry will be also used to buy 1000 intensive care beds, 550 ventilators, 100,000 collection kits, imaging and scanning devices, pharmaceutical products and other equipment key to treating coronavirus cases.

The country plans to increase its intensive care beds to 3000, according to the government.

The number of confirmed cases in Morocco surged to 479 on Sunday, including 26 deaths and 13 recoveries.

The 200 million dollars will also be dedicated to increase payment of health workers and the disinfection and protection of health infrastructure.

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