Coronavirus : propagation of fake news leads 56 individuals before court

As the coronavirus pandemic is worrying people worldwide, fake news are swarming on social networks and Morocco is not immune to this virus.

However authorities are on the alert, tracking on the net fake content relating to the pandemic of new coronavirus (Covid-19).


The central computer monitoring cell of the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) had detected a number of false digital content, disseminated on social networks and via instant messaging applications.


The operation is part of the continuing research and investigations aimed at combating fake digital content pertaining to the pandemic, the DGSN says.


Some fake postings evoke alleged cases of infection by Covid-19, while others deny the existence of the coronavirus or incite people to violate the prevention measures adopted to limit the spread of the virus , said the DGSN. This situation necessitated the opening of judicial investigations and the carrying out of meticulous technical research, which made it possible to identify the people involved in the making and dissemination of these false contents.

The authors of the fake news that may disturb public order and harm the population’s serenity are brought before justice.

In this connection, the secretary general of the presidency of the public prosecution, Hicham Balaoui, told MAP this Saturday that so far, 56 individuals have been prosecuted for publishing fake news about the spread of the Covid-19.


He pointed out that about 450 people have also been arrested for violating the health emergency, since its entry into force on March 24.


The presidency of the Public Prosecutor had called, at the beginning of the week, on authorities to be firm regarding the enforcement of the provisions related to the health emergency.


The draft laws governing the quarantine period aim to guarantee the health and safety of citizens, while respecting their constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms. The texts include sanctions against those who violate the precautionary measures laid down by authorities to curb infections with the new disease.

Those who disobey the protective measures during the quarantine period face jail terms from one to three months and fines from 300 to 1300 dirhams.


Moroccan local authorities, security services, backed by elements of the Royal Armed Forces, have been patrolling streets and closely monitoring the population’s movements, which are only allowed upon authorizations.

Morocco declared health emergency from March 20 to April 20, banning all movements except for buying foodstuff or medicine or going to work. Only supermarkets and shops selling food, pharmacies, banks and other critical business remain open.


Total coronavirus cases in Morocco reached 358 by Saturday noon, including 23 deaths, and 11 recoveries.

Globally, Coronavirus Cases reached 622,316 and 28,800 deaths.

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