Covid-19: Morocco to start paying compensations to the unemployed

Covid-19: Morocco to start paying compensations to the unemployed

Moroccan pension fund CNSS will start distributing a monthly compensation to the people who lost their jobs due to the consequences of coronavirus.

Since Morocco imposed a quarantine and banned all travel, many employees of the tourism sector, services and non-essential sectors lost their jobs or were unpaid.

The economic monitoring committee said the people who are registered with pension fund CNSS will be compensated with 2000 dirhams monthly and will have their loans delayed.

CNSS issued a statement saying that it will pay the unemployed 1000 dirhams this month and 2000 for the next three months.

The fund created a website for the beneficiaries to submit their compensation requests.

The economic monitoring committee held another meeting to look at measures to support the purchasing power of the larger informal sector.

Morocco reported up to Wednesday evening 225 coronavirus cases including 6 deaths and 7 recoveries. The percentage of people infected locally increases by the day and stands now at 51%, an increase of 2% compared to the percentage disclosed the previous day.


The quarantine will end on April 20 in the North African country, which created a special fund to meet the economic and social challenges posed by the pandemic and equip the health infrastructure.

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